A Big, Messy, Ancient Gen 3 Recap

Welcome to Part Two!  You know the drill by now…

This is Pili.  He’s kind of a big deal.

“It’s true.”

Well, in his own mind, anyways (ok, in mine too).

Okay, so after Pili took the Fairy-magic-Anchor time travel train back to ancient times (and totally abandoned his modern family without so much as a ttyl), he rejoined his sister, Raet, who was (surprise!) not in Al Simhara anymore!

Ya, Simchu Pichu all day every day now.

Nafretiri, and baby Anubis, and Khafre were there too!  And then also Horus, but not for like, a year, or something (ish), but then Khafre left to go see Other-Pili wherever he was hiding out.

I know, right? TWO PILIS.  He kinda just went back and doubled down on himself.

Anyway, not vampire Pili knocks his sister up a couple times, like mom would’ve wanted (aww), and gives her two daughters: Kebechet, and Hatshepsut.

He’s pretty much the father figure to all the kids in the tribe, and gets the boys to help him make a lot of improvements over the years, while also finding time to father Nafretiri’s twins, Akila and Garai.

Other than that, he doesn’t do too much, until it’s time for him to deliver Anubis to the Temple of the Goddess, and then make it back home just in time to stop Mayua the Huntress from kidnapping Kebechet.

Unfortunately, Mayua pokes a hole in his tummy and he bleeds out, but luckily (?) Anubis, Mosi, and Artemis arrive from the future just in time to watch him die.

Now, vampire Pili is still alive tho, in ancient times.  Khafre shows up to help him build the Temple of Athena, and move the magic fairy well there; other than this, he doesn’t do much that we get to see in gen 3.

Okay, let’s talk about Khafre!  As you know, when the plague hit Al Simhara, he was able to save Raet with his fairy healing magic (wow, lucky he had that, eh?!), and then they went to Osiris and picked up Nafretiri and Anubis (also needing heals), and Khafre wasn’t sure if Pili was alive or not (bc vampires are tricky that way), so he tried some healing stuff and then sealed Pili up in the basement.

Khafre took Raet and the kids to Simchu Pichu to keep clear of the disease, and they found a nice jungle to settle down in.  Eventually modern-non-vampire Pili showed up, and Khafre stuck around just long enough to see Raet give birth to his son, Horus.

After that, he went and found vampire-Pili, and they built the temple, and moved all the fairy well magic stuff, and then he used it to fling himself forward in time so that he could be reunited with his sister, Persephone.

And ofc, he was able to lead her to where The Anchor was located in modern times so that she could retrieve her power and put a stopper in all this confusing time travel nonsense! (YW)

Okay, Nafretiri.  So after she watched her parents die (aww), Khafre saved her and her half-brother (Anubis), she grew up in Simchu Pichu with Raet and did a lot of gardening until she decided to let Pili pop her cherry.

Nafi had twins by Pili: Akila and Garai, and also deflowered Horus when he came of age.  Other than that, she just putz around and did Scholar stuff.

Also a big putzer arounder is Horus; he is notable for booping his sister on the nerple, being deflowered by Nafi, and having a certain knack for childcare.

Actually, Raet didn’t do much in gen 3 either, did she?  Had Horus, Kebab, and Hattie, tried to give out good advice, and was generally just a nice lady.  Woops, sorry for the lack of screen time, Raet (you know, given that you the queen and all).

Someone who did get a lot of screen time, however, was Anubis, Queen Maat and Jahi’s only child.  We first get to see him in modern times as a vampire when he shows up to send Pili back to ancient Simchu Pichu, but later on we get a few glimpses of his life growing up in Raet’s tribe as a human.

Anubis is notable in his youth as being a bit of a bully to Kebechet, but later he lets her seduce him and knocks her up.  Before the kiddo is born, however, Pili escorts Nubbins to the Temple of Athena to live with vampire-Pili.

We never actually get to see Nubs get turned into a vampire, but it’s presumed to have happened at some point.  Anyway, here is vampire-Anubis who steals and turns Mosi in the future, and ends up getting whisked back in time just in time to see Pili die.

Alright, let’s jump to his thusfar only known baby mama, and childhood nemesis slash lover, Princess Kebechet.  Queen Raet and Pili’s eldest daughter, and presumed heiress.  Kebab is known for being a bit bratty, seducing Anubis, and later getting sold into slavery by her younger sister.

We last see a pregnant Kebs escaping from mercenaries, and running off into the bushes alone.  I’m sure that will turn out well for her!

The younger of Queen Raet’s daughters is none other than the shirtless, machinating Princess Hatshepsut.  Maybe a little too clever for her own good, Hattie mostly mopes in the background of gen 3, before breaking out as a massive sister-seller.

The last character seen living with Raet’s tribe is newcomer Taveah Ra.  She drops in out of nowhere near the end of the gen, only to be revealed as a mercenary spy.

And with that, we’ll lead into the troupe of folks that are Taveah’s associates, collectively known as the Berber Company.  The leader of the group is a woman named Tadla, we don’t know much about her yet, other than her subordinates probably stress her out a lot, but she does her best by them (probably).

Tadla’s most capable henchperson is probably this cheerful soul right here: Mayua the Huntress.  Other than being very fond of telling people what they are thinking, she is notable for being the person who pokes a hole in Pili and enslaves a downtrodden shipwreck survivor named Valdur.

This is Valdur.  We don’t know heaps about him yet, other than he seems to fall assbackwards into bad luck, and is probably terrified of all things icky.

Tadla’s other henchpeople are these two fine young men: Ulfr and Thorin.  They first broke onto the scene having distracting background manly fun, and later Ulfr helped Mayua kidnap Kebechet (before she BIT him!)

Okay, let’s awkwardly segue into talking about another new face(s): Nerissa the Lamia.  This is her in her glorious lamia form, but she can also shift into a pretty blonde lady form…

As seen here, right before she sneak attacks the poor blind Waldo Wasserman.  Waldo made a brief red-shirt appearance where he lost his glasses then got eaten by Nerissa.  He was probably some unfortunate soul who got sent back in time somehow and didn’t realize it!

But that’s okay, without his sacrifice we wouldn’t have the adorable, crocodile riding, butterfly chasing, lamia offspring.

Speaking of adorable, this is Kon, he’s a king!! (King Kon, ehehehe)

What’s he king of?  Wow, the entirety of Simchu Pichu ofc!  He lives in a big fancy city called Sim’Caritambo, and he’s a direct descendant of a GOD (Ayar), or so the story goes (that’s why his hair is silver, ok, so everyone can tell he super special).

Kon is notable for being an utterly fabulous dresser, a poisoning victim, an enjoyer of wiggly harem bunnies, and the father of two kids!

This is one of the kids, her name is Nenetl.  We don’t really see much from her, but we know she’s really bummed about having a little brother without silver hair (bc human sacrifice).

The brother’s name is Samin, and we don’t get to see him in gen 3, but he’s mentioned.

This is their mom, Marketa, she’s married to Kon, and she’s the Queen of Sim’Caritambo.  She’s really good at poisoning people!  She poisoned a whole bunch of other girls to become queen, and then she poisoned her husband (and herself!) to keep him from having kids with his harem.

Marketa is from the Scorpion Court of Simchu Pichu, and she brought a mystic with her from her home, Sabit Abi-Simti, who is also her conspirator and lover.  When one of the harem girls gets pregnant, Marky orders Sabi to ‘take care of it’ (as one does).

Sabit pretends to obey, but really she fakes the girl’s death and hides her away, then lies about it to Marketa.  Why?  Because the the baby is her great-grandkid, oh, and also, she’s an ancient witch, the same one who fostered Belladonna and Primrose, in fact.

Sabit is chillin’ in Sim’Caritambo to conduct a bunch of experiments, using her position as the queen’s mystic to source stuff she needs (like demon babies, apparently).  She ends up stealing the baby after it’s born, and we also see her in the future, delivering Selene’s baby and puppy, and probably living at the modern day Temple of Athena.

This is girl whose baby Sabit stole, Deshret.  The guy is Tola, one of the guards and also Sabit’s grandson (he helped her fake Desh’s death).  They think they’re in love, but it’s only because Desh is part demon and has some kind of freaky deaky subconscious magic that manipulates how people feel about her.

Sabit totes knew, she kind of machinated the whole thing to get her paws on a baby with neato bloodlines (mission accomplished btw!) the baby is a girl named Raga.

Here’s Deshret before her life went sideways, a slave from Al Simhara having fun scaring prudes with scary stories about sacrifice and necrophilia.  She was added to the Ayar’s harem, then she got knocked up by Tola.

When they found out she was preggo, the people who run the city quarantined her, because it was super weird.  There was an investigation, sort of; mostly they were just waiting to see what kind of kid popped out, but then the whole death faking, baby stealing bit happened.

After Sabit told her that the baby was dead (lies!), Desh decided to peace out and go her own way, and she found this poor dude rotting in a cell under the city in his underoos.  Naturally, she took him with her.

Kumya the Sorcerer, when we first saw him, was the right hand man of the king, and just smart enough to wonder about the whole weird barren harem thing.  He conducted a hush hush investigation, and even interviewed Deshret when she was in imprisoned.

Ultimately, he ended up getting caught standing betwixt the thighs of one of the harem bunnies, and was arrested.  Tola put the poor sorcerer in his mother’s dungeon, and told everyone else that the guy died resisting arrest.

Okay, so those are pretty much all the main players in the game, but here are a few honourable mentions:

Arsinoë, Deshret’s slave companion who ended up being Princess Nenetl’s governess in Sim’Caritambo.

Hatasu Aui, one of Kon’s favourite bunnies, and Kumya’s attempted ‘experiment’ partner.

Various Sim’Caritambo guards; we see them a lot walking around (guarding stuff), and obviously Tola is one of them, but there’s a bunch more, all wearing versions of this snazzy (spoopy) helmet thing.

And, oh!  Marketa’s parents!  Lady Ruzena, and the Scorpion Prince.

I think that’s it…is that it?  Yeah (hopefully).

Okay, well, that’s Ancient Gen 3 for you! ❤

11 thoughts on “A Big, Messy, Ancient Gen 3 Recap

  1. Oh no. Why isn’t there more? I want more. I had so much fun reading this and remebering all the good stuff. I guess I’m gonna have to read it again. So many characters I love and the intrigue! So good to have you back.

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  2. Okay past times weren’t less complex than present ones, but thanks for clearing up a lot of stuff!
    And now I’m even more excited for future chapters 😁

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