I joined forces with a few simlit friends to participate in a Tumblr blog Crossover project called Legacy Crossover Diaries.  On this blog, we exchange sims from our stories to create unique families that would otherwise never be possible.

Currently, I have adopted the following sims:
– Beryl Heffner (Heffner Legacy by Maladi777)
– Francesco De la Cruz (Neighbourhood Talk by Candycottonchu)
– Penthesilea (Daughters of the Warrioress by MrsRacooney)
– William Redcliffe (New Beginnings by Audreyfld)
– Alejandro Gonzales (Neighbourhood Talk by Candycottonchu)
– Tony Corleonesi (Heffner Legacy by Maladi777)

Currently, I have donated the following sims:
– Hatshepsut to Maladi777 (partnered with Arthur Stiles)
– Anubis to Candycottonchu (partnered with Charlotte Roux)
– Bastet to MrsRacooney (partnered with Thersandros)
– Aten to mypalsim (partnered with Diamond)

If you’re interested in details about these sims and their AU families, I have plumtrees for each active family I’m currently playing:

Beryl Heffner & Balsam Reed
Francesco De la Cruz & Raet
Penthesilea & Kon Ayar
Will Redcliffe & Alejandro Gonzales (with Nafretiri Scholar)

I also have a separate blog for Tony and Mayua Corleonesi, which can be found here.  It’s an accumulation of the Tumblr posts if you wish to read their story in a more linear fashion.

There is no set format or schedule for these posts, we just update as we go along, playing through the lives of our families, looking for interesting genetic mixes!
Check out the blog to see what everyone is getting up to!