A Big, Messy, Modern Gen Three Recap

Okay, so, we’re not going to try and follow along all the twisty trails of magic and time travel for this gen, I’m just going to try and make it as linear as possible and do a light ‘Who’s Who’ with basic details of their roles (if I can, we’ll see!), and we’ll have to root around a bit in some of the Gen 2 plots, but that ok.

Also, because of extreme hugeness, I’m splitting this recap into two parts: Modern Times, and Ancient Times, so here’s the modern half of the equation:

Let’s start with these two ladies, Calliope Cerberus and Hollyhock Hillock.  Both witches, sisters, and dirty rotten instigators!

One day they took it upon themselves to try an advanced magical whatever, and (of course) it backfired (as advanced magical whatevers tend to do) and BAM!  The sisters were transported back in time, landing in ancient Al Simhara!

To add insult to injury, they regressed into childhood and lost basically all their memories (you’ll remember them from Gen 2 as Antonia of Apep and Octavia of Sima-Mighdall).  But that’s not even the worst of it…

This is Kendra Reina, she was just innocently visiting the Temple of the Goddess while on holiday with her twin, and she ever so innocently made a wish on this well, and then BAM!  Whisked away with Calliope and Hollyhock to ancient times.

Wow, actually, this might have been all her fault, you know, for activating the magic well at the same time the witches were performing advanced magical whatever.  Geeze Kendra.

Anyway, Kendra also got all regressed plus amnesia, and ended up landing inside the wall of Pili’s basement in ancient times.  They called her Cassandra of Osiris, because she lived at the Temple of Osiris with Pili and the Scholar family.

After Caris unleashed the plague on ancient Al Simhara, pretty much everyone got sick and started dying, and at this point it’s relevant to mention that Holly/Octavia’s witchy gift is being able to find anything that can be found.

So!  Even though she couldn’t remember her modern life, when she wondered out loud how she could find a way to save everyone, her powers kicked in and led her to the well, where she made a wish to save her friends and adoptive family.

But the well did its magic thing before she could say everyone’s name, so only the following people were whisked away with her to modern times:

The Themysimran slave Kalvin, teenage Cassandra/Kendra, teenage Antonia/Calliope, and a very preggers Persephone.  They all landed in a magical place called The Woulding.

Immediately after landing in modern times, Persephone pops out her brother’s twins and we find out she’s actually a fairy (!!!).

These are her twins, Orion and Aries, also fairies.

Later, Persephone uses fairy magic to make herself a kid so that she can pretend she was the victim of some kind of foul magic, so she could snoop around a bit in other people’s houses, because she was looking for a magical artifact called The Anchor, and hoping someone in The Woulding would lead her to it (nope).

This is her with her two sons, now all pretty much grown up.

Eventually it comes out that The Anchor is a stone that she stored some of her magic in, and used it to build the magic wishing well in ancient times (the same well that ended up at the Temple of the Goddess because Pili and Khafre moved it there after Sima-Mighdall was abandoned).  Later she realises that it was probably not a good idea to do that.  Lesson learned.

Persephone basically just does a bit of light tutoring, looks for her Anchor, and moans about how she lost her brother (dw, she gets both things back eventually!)

Okay, back to Kalvin and Holly…

When Holly was Octavia, she and Kalvin hung out a lot, and then she decided to marry him in modern times and pump out oodles of nooboos (I ship it).

Kalvin ends up being the elementary school teacher, and Holly is a stay at home mom.

This is Coltsfoot Hillock.  He’s one of their many kids.  Coltsfoot is kind of a spazzy germophobe, and he has a huge crush on Selene (one of Cassie’s triplets).

At one point he and Selene get stuck in a dream together wearing almost nothing and end up having woohoo in a graveyard (or so it seems).

These two lovely ladies are Belladonna Blackthorne and her bestie Primrose Pennyroyal.  Bella is Calliope and Holly’s mom, and they were both fostered by an ancient witch called Sabit Abi Simti.

Primrose had a kid too, a son named Perseus Pennyroyal, who was fathered by a satyr named Cornelius.

This is Perseus, he has pink hairs, and he doesn’t appear a lot in the story, but he’s a chill dude and also the father of Calliope’s kid, Oly.

Perseus gets sent out on lots of errands to find a missing magical artifact, and eventually ends up getting assaulted and stabbed by a murdery spirit, in his mom’s kitchen.  Posthumously, he is also the father of a second child that we only see very briefly as a newborn at the end of Gen 3.

Okay, let’s talk about his first born….

…the creature know as, Oly.

Oly Cicada is the only kid of Calliope, and was fathered by Perseus in some weirdo witchy arranged-woohoo kind of deal.  Oly is a witch, and the childhood best friend of Cassandra’s daughter, Selene.

Selene develops a crush on Oly when they’re older, but Oly has the hots for Selene’s younger sister, Artemis.  Eventually Oly and Artemis get together and Selene is very sad (so sad that she lets herself get possessed by her dead grandma, but more on that later).

Oh, also, Oly is a Dreamwalker, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; you walk around in other people’s dreams and stuff.  Persephone spends a lot of time trying to teach Oly how to be a better Dreamwalker, because it’s a fairy magic thing mostly.

Oly helps Artemis read magical tomes (and set loose a malevolent spirit on accident), and then gets murdered in a kitchen by that same spirit later on (lol, karma), but is able to hang out in some dream realm and plots to save Selene by turning into a toddler and enlisting the help of a mysterious cocker spaniel.

Cassandra/Kendra didn’t do very well with the journey back from ancient times, and she ends up being basically catatonic because she’s kinda 1.5 people trapped in 1.0 body!  That’s totally fine if you’re supernatural, but mortal people’s brains just weren’t designed for those kind of shenanigans, you know?

So then Bella and Primrose do some magic on her and send the Kendra part back out into the human world, and keep the Cassandra part there with them in The Woulding.  And that’s all fine and dandy, because now she’s not catatonic, but she can’t leave The Woulding because she’s all held together by the magic there!

Fun times.  But not really.  And now Cassandra is depressed a bit, so Calliope and Holly go try and find something to cheer her up.

They are successful.

Pili is (surprise!) alive.  He should have died in the plague, but Khafre (who is also a fairy like Persephone) has some wicked healing powers, and found him in time to work some fae juju on the poor guy (and then sealed him up in the basement just in case it didn’t work, but more on that in Part 2).

Anyway, the witches bring Pili to The Woulding and cure him of his vampirism, and Cassandra is very cheered up!  Like, so cheered up she climbs him like a monkey and gets pregnant with his triplets (ooo bb).  At the end of Gen 3, she decides to try leaving The Woulding and dissipates into nothing.

These are their triplets, Selene, Mosi, and Artemis.  They basically spend the first half of Gen 3 (along with Selene’s bestie, Oly) digging into family mystery stuff, but eventually all their parents sit them down and explain how everything happened.

(Hey wow, I totally put child Cassandra and child Selene in the same outfit, lolol; let’s pretend it was on purpose bc SYMBOLISM, ok?  Tyu.)

So ok, after the adults plot dump on the kids, Pili gets a phone call from his nephew Anubis (!!!) letting him know his time is up.  Surprise!  Anubis is alive in the present day, and is a vampire, and has The Anchor in his possession.  Last time we saw him he was a baby, fresh out of his poisoned mother, Maat.

He’s come to send Pili back in time to serve the family by helping Raet rebuild their mother’s legacy.  Apparently Pili made a bargain with the Goddess about getting to take a vacation from duty and chill with Cassandra for a decade or so?  That whole thing is still pretty hazy, hey, maybe we’ll hear about it a bit more in Gen 4!  Who knows!

Alright, so Pili disappears and Anubis has to sort of break the news to Cassandra without spilling too many beans.  She ain’t thrilled.  Especially when he mentions that he’ll be back to collect Mosi in a few years, because Mosi has to be a vampire guardian at the Temple of Athena (bc duty ok).

Cassie is like “hell no”, but as it turns out, hell yes is what happens in the end.

Anyway, lots of years pass (like, 7) and here are the triplets all grown up (ya, Mosi eventually becomes a vampire).

We’ll start with Selene who steals a dream manual from the witches, tries to seduce Oly in a dream (bc massive crush), and ends up (allegedly) woohooing Coltsfoot instead.  She’s so freaked out and vulnerable after that, that it’s no biggie for Bastet’s spirit to possess her.

Selene ends up trapped in a fantasy where she’s married to a dream version of Coltsfoot, and they have 3 kids and a happy suburban life.  In the dream she gives birth to a 4th kid, Oliver, who is really Oly trying to help her escape the mind-trap.

Eventually, while the spirit is being exorcised from her body, Selene is able to escape, and wakes up in the middle of giving birth to Perseus’s daughter, and also a puppy.

Okay, now Mosi, who has a huge crush on Persephone, and steals a lust potion from the witches.  When Balsam visits Mosi in the guise of Persephone, the potion overwhelms them until they end up making sweet woohoo on the living room couch.  Naturally, Balsam ends up getting pregnant from the encounter (changeling anatomy is complicated ok).

Okay, also, after he knocks up Balsam on accident, Mosi gets turned into a vampire (finally) by Anubis, and moves to the Temple of Athena to be an Eternal Vampire Guardian.  It’s way less cool than it sounds, though, and he’s really homesick.

Cassandra freaks out about it and hires a vampire hunter to kill Nubbins so that she can get Mosi back and have the witches cure him.

This is Oberon L’Osservatore, the vampire hunter.  He wants to kill Mosi too (bc vampire), but Cassandra says that’s a hard no.  Oberon waits around for Anubis to come back and collect Mosi, and he tracks them back to the Temple of Athena (takes him a while tho.)

Oberon finally finds his way to the vampire lair.  Luckily, before he can murder Nubbins and Mosi, someone sets off The Anchor, and all four of these crazy kids are transported back in time.

At this point, we’ve pretty much heard everything Artemis has been up to, but let’s do a quick rehash: used necromancy book with Oly and accidentally set free twisted Bastet spirit, and then got busy with Oly behind Selene’s back.

Then, blackmailed by Mosi into setting him up on a date with Persephone (in exchange for not telling Selene they are a couple), but tricks him and sets him up with Primrose’s changeling Familiar instead.

Balsam Reed is the Familiar; he can change his form into any humanoid person, and also has a cat form (ok, so I guess he’s kind of a shapeshifter too, but not a very good one bc cat form only.)

Eventually Artemis realises that there’s something wrong with her sister, and then she finds the creepy portrait thing.  Immediately she takes the issue to Bella and Prim for help.  They imprison the false-Selene and try to figure out how to put her back in her body and get rid of the murdery spirit.

Artemis goes to Holly and asks for help finding something, but we don’t know what it is she asked to find.  Whatever it is, she ends up traipsing around the forest near the Temple of Athena until a mysterious (and possibly culty) woman finds her and leads her to the temple.

Once there, the woman tells her to go down some steps, so she does, and finds Mosi and Anubis, but then a garlic bomb goes off and the vampires start flopping around, and then BAM; time travel to ancient Simchu Pichu.

Once there, Artie, Mosi, and Anubis find Pili just in time for him to die, and we leave off with them planning to carry him to The Rise.

Oberon is nowhere to be found, because he landed at Nerissa’s feet.

Also at the end of Gen 3, during the birthing of Selene’s daughter and, er, puppy–Balsam’s water breaks, heralding the arrival of his and Mosi’s kiddo.

Okay, so that’s the gist of Modern Gen 3!

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