19. Vitamin V

Last chapter…

We welcomed the final addition of Queen Bastet’s brood to the party, in the form of vampire-spawn Bakari…his mom’s not too sure about him yet though (I’d be leery of anything that came out of Totec’s loins too, tbh).

There were birthdays, and some twin spam…but Totec sort of stole the show by going all the ways, and debauching the newly aged up Aten.

Also Bastet may or may not have said to hell with the rules…I wonder if Athena’s going to be cheesed about that, or play it cool?


Maat: “Are you going to watch the burning?  Mother says I should watch, something about ‘hardening myself to the burdens of leadership’ or whatever…”

Aten blinked.  “Hmm?”  It was the morning after his birthday, and his thoughts were far away.

Well, not that far away.

Sort of a few hundred meters underground, actually.

In the basement, to be precise.

Maat: “I mean, I get it, sacrifice is a huge bummer…”

Aten nodded absently, “yeah, total bummer.”

Totec’s Special Birthday Treat had been, well…special.  Like nothing else EVER.  But now he felt super weird.  Except, also kind of good?  But confused.  And there was no one he could talk to about it.

Well, he could try, but he had a feeling that would be a Bad Idea.

Maat: “Are you evening listening to me dunderhead?”

Aten: “Huh?”

Maat: “The burning of that vampire; that’s going down today!  Are you gonna watch or what?”

Maat was still a bit piqued that they had lied to her about it before, but she sort of understood too; she would have totally wanted to go see the monster if they’d told her about it when she was a kid.

It made sense that kids probably shouldn’t be visiting dangerous monster prisoners though…especially really important kids, like herself, for example.

Aten: “They’re going to burn him?!”

Maat rolled her eyes, “um, yes, that’s what I’ve been saying the whole time here; are you deaf?”

Jahi: “Congratulations my friend, you have a son.”

Totec: “A son,” for a moment his eyes appeared to intensify, “this is wonderful news.”

Jahi: “Indeed,” he paused for a moment, considering his next words carefully, “our Queen has named him Bakari…”

Totec: “A fine name, when can I see him?”

Jahi: “I’m afraid that won’t be possible; Her Majesty has commanded that you be sacrificed this very day, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky,” he hesitated, “I don’t believe she intends that you should see Her child beforehand.”

Totec’s countenance darkened, “her child?”

Jahi took an involuntary step back at the vampire’s sudden shift in demeanor; a small prickle of fear lit up his nerves.

The charming grin returned swiftly, “though nothing would give me greater pleasure than to accede to our Queen’s edict, I must regretfully delay her pleasure by a day; the process of transformation can only take place when the sun has set.”

Totec: “If she wishes her sons to be gifted with undeath, the earliest I could schedule in a ritual burning would be sunrise tomorrow.”

Jahi frowned, he’d never seen any instruction on the timing of vampiric transformation in the literature; it could very well be a ruse on the vampire’s part.  Though, what the point would be by delaying only a day escaped him.

Jahi: “Very well, I shall convey this information to our Queen.”

Mother was off on one of her super-private-by-invite-only walks with Jahi and Tem; Aten seized the opportunity to sneak off down to the basement to visit his good buddy.

Totec: “Ah, my Prince!  I was hoping you would come,” there was more enthusiasm in that tone than Aten was used to hearing.

Aten: “My sister told me they’re going to burn you?!  That’s so not cool!”

Totec: “Alas, there is nothing I can do but delay them for a day; you and the other young man will be brought to me this very evening, at sunset, to be transformed, and I will thereafter be left to perish in the sunlight of the following day.”

Totec: “I must say, I’m not looking forward to it as much as one might expect.”

Aten: “But, I mean, isn’t there something we can do?”

Totec: “I did agree to your mother’s terms, sweet Prince, and I cannot very well escape on my own…this enclosure is primitive, but, regretfully, effective.”

Aten: “Well I can let you out!  I’ll do it right now!”

Totec watched in dismay as the young man began to fumble with the latch.

Totec:  “As much as I appreciate the sentiment, dear one, it would do me little good to be set free during daylight hours.”

Aten: “Oh!  Yeah!  Right…I guess that’s a bit dumb, huh?”

Totec: “Not at all; your fervor for my wellbeing does you great credit…I would suggest we attempt the escape after the transformations this evening.”

Aten: “Yeah!  Good idea!  Except…” he cringed.

Totec: “What’s the matter, darling?”

Aten: “I mean, I don’t want to sound, like, mean or rude, or anything, but, um…”

Totec: “You don’t wish to be like me.”

Aten: “Yeah!  I mean…no?  I’m just not sure yet, you know, drinking blood,” he tried not to make a face.

Totec chuckled, “my dear boy, if you do not wish to accept the dark gift, I will not thrust it upon you,” he winked then, but Aten wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or not, “as it is, I think it will work to our advantage if you remain as you are.”

Aten: “Really?  Awesome!  I’m totes on board then, what do you want me to do?”

Bastet: “I’m sorry that I couldn’t do any better by the two of you,” the Queen sighed, “if you don’t want to do it, I’ll understand, but I’m afraid it’s now or never.”

Aten: “Vampire undeath?  Sure Mother!  That’s sounds dope, sign me up!”  He hoped his smiled looked super jazzed.

Bastet: “Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm, Aten…Pili?”

Pili: “I mean, I’m not going to lie; the guy is a smarmy dick…”

Bastet: “Pili!  Language!

Pili: “…sorry Mother, but he is; still, I don’t want to die, so, yeah, okay, let’s do this.”

The sun sets on the quiet village of Sima-Mighdall.

Queen Bastet waits in her chambers with her eerie newborn, worrying about what goes on below the ground.

Totec: “And so we come to the fun part at long last.”

Aten entered the cell, hoping he looked brave; in the back of his mind he worried, though, that something would go wrong and he’d end up being a vampire anyhow.

Totec nipped playfully at his neck, but didn’t bite; the Golden Prince released a relieved sigh…he was pretty sure his good buddy actually had to bite him for the vampire stuff to happen.

Pretty sure.

The wrist thing was harder though; Aten was almost ready to pass out when Totec offered the mangled flesh.

Totec: “Don’t let any get in your mouth,” he spoke in a low growl for Aten’s ears only.

The Prince squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his mouth to the skin just beside the open vein.  He tried super hard not to pass out; passing out wasn’t very manly.

Pili watched the scene unfold with trepidation; that shit looked nasty; still, if Aten (who was the biggest boob in the world) could do it, so could he!

Pili entered boldly when his turn came.

The bite itself hurt, but after that it really wasn’t so bad…was all the licking really necessary though?

Pili cringed when it came to the wrist part.  Ugh.  Gross didn’t even begin to describe it.

After a moment or two though, well…it became almost mesmerizing.

In the end, the vampire had to rip his arm away with a hiss.

Totec: “Enough!”  He bared his teeth and glared; for some reason that was nearly the most exciting part.

But there was no time to examine those peculiar feelings; almost immediately the Dark Prince’s stomach began to churn.

Pili: “Is this…normal?”

The vampire only smiled.


WHAT?!  A non-NSFW Amazon chapter?

Well.  We can’t have that, now can we! >:)

P.S. Don’t scroll down if you’re triggered by beautiful, manly, buttocks.








Pili: “Is it…normal Dr. Lobster?”

AmazonLobster: 😀

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  1. Hmmm. I’m not sure what to think here. What’s the plan with Aten?! How is the pervy vampire going to take advantage of him?! Why is Lobster a doctor?!

    Oh wait, that part isn’t confusing. I’d play doctor with Pili too! 😀

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  2. What is the plan with Aten (and Totec) indeed! 😉

    Pili needed the opinion of a *professional* bo-bo judge…Lobster just seemed the logical choice! 😀


  3. Bahahaaa on that last pic with Lobster! And is it bad I want dumb Aten to escape? I adore Pili! He’s smokin’! And Maat is breathtaking!

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    1. Hah! No, I want him to escape too?..Oh, wait, I can make that happen can’t I? *THE POWER*
      I lucked out with Pili and Maat; thank gawd for Bastet’s strong genes!


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