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Sorry for the abrupt interruption in service, maybe especially since the last posted chapter was entitled “Game Over”  (omg the irony!), but Line of the Last is being put on forced hiatus for the next few weeks.

I’ve had a rather unfortunate setback with my hardware, and I’m scrambling to sort my shit out up in here.

When it returns, it will not be exactly as you remember it, but, hopefully still enjoyable?  We shall see.

Thanks guise, much love and awkwardly-long hugs ❤
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33. Fantastic Baby

Last chapter…

Kenza took Nobuya for a long walk because Corabella was successfully knocked up and they need monies for stuff (also she had some angry about Jahi because jealous).

Tem and Pili had some bonding and reflection time that was kinda boring, but also kinda sweet?  But at least Tem has a Plan (Tem is good at having Plans), even if Pili doesn’t like said Plan.

Antonia and Corabella chatted about babs and vampires and Amazon stuff; Antonia was not impressed (and a bit freaked out).



There was no use in denial, though she’d die before admitting it to any of her captors; Caris was too weak to force her way out of this situation.  A combination of starvation and plasma deprivation had her barely able to bring herself to and from the privy under her own power.

‘You’ll die here alone, in this cage, like an animal.’

The blonde idiot had said the vampire wouldn’t allow her to die, but Caris didn’t trust the word of idiots, generally speaking, and she was quite certain she wouldn’t last much longer under the present circumstances.


It was so hard to think with her head floating away and her stomach in painful knots.

‘What do you have that you can use against them?’

The vampire had taken her satchel, all she had remaining were her clothes and her wit.

‘And your quim.’

The Shaman wasn’t entirely certain that the abductors would be interested in the offer of that body part, however; neither one had expressed any regard for her as a woman.

‘Can’t hurt to try, can it?’

Even the thought of it stung her pride, but if Caris of Themysimra was anything, she was a survivor, no matter the cost.

‘Every obstacle is an opportunity!  The Goddess hides her gifts in the bowels of the deepest caves, and perched atop the tallest mountain cliffs; treasures for those bold enough to seek them out.’

The words of Scholar Alethia came back to her in that moment.  Was that what this was?  An opportunity sent to her by the Goddess?  Was she being tested?  Asked to perform a service for Athena?

‘A nest of monsters and an Amazon traitor.’

Caris knew who the idiot man was.  There had been talk of the abduction in Sima-Mighdall after their arrival from Themysimra, though at the time she had thought the bit about vampires to be a fabrication of ignorant minds…but how many secret lairs could their be dotted around the countryside with vampire children and golden-haired morons?

‘Prince Aten.’  He was the key to her escape; somehow she knew it, ‘surely the Goddess has lead me here for Her purpose.’

There could be no other explanation!  Athena was giving Caris an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past, and exact Her holy revenge on the enemies of Sima-Mighdall; the Shaman would destroy the abominations and see to it the traitor Aten was brought to justice.

‘Or die trying.’

Cassie: “Wow guys, seriously?”

Jackie sighed, “yeah, sorry Cass.”

Terry: “We couldn’t help it!”

Cassie: “Well this blows goats!  Can you guys even use the monkey bars anymore?”

Jackie: “No.”

Terry: “We tried but totally couldn’t even interact with that object.”

Jackie: “It’s not fair!”

Terry: “I think we can still use the dollhouse though?”

Cassie: “Well, I guess that’s something–hey, wow Jackie, you got BOOBS!

Jackie blushed, “er, yeah, I guess I did, huh?  I mean not, much boobage, but–”

Cassie: “Man!  That’s not fair, I want boobs–”

Nafretiri: “Hey guys!  What’s up?”

Cassie: “Oh, wow Nafi!  You aged up too?”

Nafi: “Yup!  Not Kheperu though, he’s still a bab for a little bit longer.”

Cassie, Jackie & Terry: “Who?”

Nafi: “Kheperu?  That kid the blonde lady dropped off?  Constantly being creepy and biting people?  Allegedly Pili’s son?”

Jackie: “Oh that guy!”

Terry: “Huh, didn’t know he had a name…”

Cassie: “I think we should call him Kerry, that’ll be easier to remember?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Cassie: “So, any cool new stuff you guys can do now?”

Cassie: “Guys?”

Kenza: “Congratulations, my Queen; I am certain Athena will bless us with a mighty Princess.”

The sale of the pasty slave had gone better than expected, and Kenza was in high spirits to return to Apep with money in her satchel.

Maat: “Thanks Kenza…I’m not super thrilled about having more kids, but at least I’ll be done after this one, right?”

Kenza: “Yes Majesty!”  Her eyes were alight with a feverish looking sort of joy, “when shall I schedule the sacrifice?  Would you like to do it tonight after the evening meal?”

Maat: “Uh, yeah…about that…”

Kenza felt a knot begin to form in her stomach.

Maat: “I’ve decided to–put that part off for a while?”

Kenza: “But my Queen!  The Rules state that a slave used to sire a Princess must be offered up to the Goddess as soon as conception has been confirmed!”

Maat: “I’m well aware of what The Rules say, Kenza, but I just–” she sighed quietly, “I can’t bring myself to do it; I–care, for him…I’m not ready yet!”

Kenza inhaled sharply, “my Queen!”

Maat: “I know, okay?  I know!  Big no-no, very mad Goddess, curses, volcanoes erupting, etc…but I can’t Kenza; I just can’t!”

Kenza: “I can.”

Maat fixed her Warden with a stern glare, “but you won’t; I forbid it.”

Kenza studied her monarch for a moment, and Maat held her breath, fearing the woman would refuse the order…but at length the older woman nodded and turned away.

Kenza: “As my Queen commands.”

Persephone: “How goes it, little traveler?”

Octavia: “Pretty darn good I’d say!  They’re doing stuff together all by themselves now!”

Persephone: “Well done!…’Octavia’, was it?”

Octavia: “Yup!  That’s me!  My adopted big sis the Queen called me that because I’m eight and I want to be the Pink Power Ranger.”

Persephone: “A lovely name for a lovely child; tell me, Octavia, what do you remember of your origins?”

Octavia: “They’re pretty good, but I like apples better.”

Persephone blinked, “not–okay, do you remember where you came from?”

Octavia: “Nope!  Total blank!”

Persephone: “Interesting.”

Octavia gave the Seer a peculiar little smile, “do you know where I came from?”

Persephone: “I’m afraid not,” she tried to keep her gaze warm even as an icy shiver ran up her spine.

Octavia: “Okie dokie!  I’m going to go eat cookies; peace!”

The Themysimran Seer watched the child make a beeline for the kitchen arbour and frowned; Octavia of Sima-Mighdall was definitely more than she seemed to be…

…but perhaps that was not so unusual a thing.


Ignore the fact that Raet looks a bit pregnant in that last pic, she just had a big breakfast ok.

How will Caris bring DOOM to The Man Cave? (And, lol, can she even?)

Is Kenza going to listen to her indecisive Queen, or what?

What’s up with Persephone and that glowing well? (And Octavia in general).

Things to Ponder, frens.

Maat: “Neener neener, got your weiner!”

Temulun: “Happy Simming, Homewrecker.”