35. I Just Can’t Wait to be King

CENSORED Version: Click Here (censored for nudity)

Last chapter…

Raet’s fantasy make believe time was rudely interrupted by Persephone, but it turned out okay because there was kissing and orgasms involved…who could be mad about that?

Anyhow Persephone might have just been trying to go about matchmaking in a really weird way; she should just stick to being cool and mysterious and leave the matchmaking to Octavia maybe (at least if she doesn’t want to make her brother all jelly and stuff).

Also Kalvin took Octavia fishing.  Just because ok.


Totec: “You must tell me why you are angry, my treasure.”

It had been weeks since the arrival of the Themysimran woman, and still the Idiot Boy spurned Totec’s advances, feigning a perpetual headache.  The vampire knew he could force the issue, either through mind-control, or brute strength alone…but it chafed to admit that he wanted the moron to want him.

Aten: “I don’t even know man, maybe you should just go hang out with that angry lady some more or something.”

Was that it?  The vampire felt a rather peculiar twisting in his gut that most certainly had nothing whatsoever to do with relief.

Totec: “I’m not fucking her, I swear it.”

Aten: “Well, okay, but then what do you even need her for then, huh?  Is her plasma better than mine or something?”

Totec: “We’ve been over this, love, you don’t have enough plasma for three vampires…”

Aten: “Yeah, okay, fine, whatever…still don’t see why you have to have hers though.”

Totec: “Bakari will be old enough to drink from her soon, and then I swear to you I will not; she needs to be kept weakened, darling, for the safety of our family, surely you can see that?”

Aten: “I guess,” he pouted, “she’s not even eating stuff though, pretty sure she’s gonna die if she never eats stuff and then gets all her plasma sucked out all the time.”

Totec: “I have been compelling her to eat when I visit for a feed; it is likely she does not remember.”

Aten: “Oh, okay.”

Totec: “Also, I–” he paused, uncertainty tugging at his mind.  Would the child even understand?  

He kissed him instead; it had been far too long.

Aten was still kinda mad.  He felt sort of like a jerk for still being mad, because Good Buddy explained everything and made sense and stuff, but then he knew the vampire would just go off and keep drink the angry lady’s plasma.

But also it was nice to be sorta getting along again?  Good Buddy was defs wanting to have manly-best-bud-fun-times, and Aten had to admit he kinda missed having manly-best-bud-fun-times.

Totec: “How’s your head?”  The question was murmured huskily in his ear; Aten felt every inch of his flesh prickle.

Aten: “Totally not hurting anymore.”

Totec: “Good.”

Too bad the manly-best-bud-fun-times didn’t last very long, but they were probs both just really out of practice or something.

Anyway, it was cool when they both won at the same time, sorta like a tie?

Totec: “I apologize, that was careless of me; hopefully there are no pollinatory consequences.”

Aten: “Huh?”

Totec: “Never mind, dearest, no use worrying about it in any case; I shall be more careful next time.”

Aten shrugged, “okay,” sometimes Good Buddy didn’t make too much sense.

Totec: “I should tell you the other reason I brought the woman into our home,” the vampire blurted; his face looked kinda weird when he said it, too.

Aten: “Okay,” the prince tried to pretend he didn’t suddenly feel super nervous.

Totec: “I–well, I did it for you, as a gift.”

Aten blinked, “you brought me an angry lady as a gift?”

Totec smiled, “yes, for your legacy of course.”

Aten: “Huh?”

Totec: “You do wish to be a King, correct?”

Aten: “Oh, yeah, I mean, I did?”  He frowned, “didn’t seem super fair that I didn’t get to be the Man-Queen back home, you know?  I was totally borned first.”

Totec: “I agree; completely unfair,” he stroked the prince’s face, “but now this woman can bear you a son, an heir, to carry on your royal line.”

Aten: “But what if she doesn’t want to?”

Totec sighed, “we don’t always get to do what we want when living in the court of a monarch, now do we?  You, for example, would have been commanded to impregnate a woman of your Queen’s choosing and then been sacrificed…would you have wanted that?”

Aten: “Well, no…”

Totec: “Exactly.  So now you are this woman’s King, and you may command her to bear you a son, and it is her duty to do so.”

Aten: “I guess…” the vampire was really good at making stuff make sense, kinda, but Aten still felt a bit yucky about it, “I don’t want to sacrifice her though?”

Totec chuckled, “she is required to sustain our family; sacrificing her would be ill advised.”

Aten:  “Yeah? Cool!” He felt pretty dang relieved, “and you’re sure she’ll be down for it?”

Totec: “Trust me, lovely boy, she will comply,” he had that weird look on his face again, “and if she does not, then I will find you another who will.”

The prince felt warmth suffuse his chest.  He was so lucky to have a best bud vampire who wanted him to be happy and have stuff he liked.

Aten: “You’re my favourite person, I mean, other than Yaretzi, you know?  You make everything really good.”

The vampire blinked and then looked super serious, like, almost mad or something.

Totec: “I would do anything you asked of me,” he growled.

So, maybe not mad?  It was kinda hard to tell for sure though.

But then Aten got real distracted and forgot to wonder about it anymore.

‘It won’t work.’

Caris of Themysimra was no fool; she knew what sort of noises those were that echoed throughout the cavern.

They spit in the eye of the Goddess Herself with their blasphemous fornication.  It was well known that men who sullied themselves with the bodies of other men were cursed for eternity, never able to sire daughters; they should be put to death.

‘And they will be.’

But how?  She had to concede that the chances were even lower than she’d estimated that Aten would want her…but what else did she have to tempt him with?

Aten: “Um, hey there…ma’am…could we talk?  Like, without you yelling at me maybe?”

The Shaman was startled out of her reverie.

Caris: “Er…”

What could the fool want?  Was this her chance?

Aten: “Sorry, I know you looked busy thinking and stuff.”

Caris: “Have you come to kill me at last?”

Aten: “Um…no?”

Caris: “So you prefer to starve me to death slowly then?”

Aten: “Well, no, not that either; Good Buddy says he’s been feeding you when you’re mind-controlled…”

Caris: “I see,” she huffed, “well, that explains why I’m not dead yet.”

Aten: “I don’t mind bringing you some stuff if you want to remember eating?”

Caris: “Perhaps,” she tried not to glare too hard, “but food wasn’t why you came to see me; spill.”

Aten: “Promise you won’t yell at me?  Like, if you don’t want to, you can just say no, okay?”

Caris: “I will make you no promises, thief; say what you came to say or begone.”

The Shaman immediately kicked herself for snapping at him; the Goddess had provided her with this opportunity to charm the fool and she was blowing it.

Caris: “I mean, okay, yeah, I’ll try not to yell.”

Caris held her breath as she watched the gears in his idiot head turn.  He blinked.

Aten: “Cool.”

She exhaled and waited patiently, attempting to look as though she wasn’t interested in yelling.

Aten: “So I’m just going to say it, okay?  Cuz…yeah, um–Good Buddy brought you here so that the kids would have a person to feed on once they start drinking plasma.”

Caris: “I can’t imagine that you are here to ask for my consent on the matter.”

Aten: “Um, well…no, not really.”

Caris: “Alright, then what.”

Aten: “And also cuz I need to have a son, and you know, you can help with that?”

Caris: “WHAT?!”

Aten: “Okay, that’s yelling.”

The Shaman took a deep, calming breath, “my apologies; you caught me off guard.”

Aten: “No worries, happens to everyone.”

Was the fool serious?  Just like that?  Could it be so easy?

Caris: “Forgive my confusion, but are you even interested in women?  I sort of thought you and the monst–vampire, were lovers.”

Aten: “We’re best buds?  I mean, we do manly stuff a lot,” he seemed genuinely perplexed by her question, and Caris found herself nearly pitying him.

Caris: “Manly stuff indeed.”

Aten: “Anyway, Good Buddy said that if you don’t want to do it, he’d just find someone else…it sounded sort of scary when he said it though?”

Caris surged to her feet, “are you threatening me with death if I don’t bear your cursed child?”

Aten: “Um…”

‘Calm yourself, servant of Athena, he is offering you an opportunity.’

Aten: “Well, Good Buddy said it was sort of your duty because I’m your King?”

Caris blinked.  What the fuck was a king?

Aten: “I mean, I guess you don’t have to decide right now…”

Caris: “Yes.”

Aten: “Wha–really?!”

Caris: “Yes…king…I will bear your son, after all, as your friend pointed out, it is apparently my duty…but in exchange for my compliance, I’d like the freedom to move about the cave freely; supervised, if you wish.”

Aten: “Wow.  I can’t believe that actually worked; I was pretty sure you’d say no.”

Caris: “Well, you clearly don’t know me then, you do?  I love duty; it’s my fave.”

Aten: “I mean, I don’t know how Good Buddy will feel about you just wandering around though.”

Caris: “We can always hash out the details later.”

Aten: “Oh, okay, sweet!”

‘Seriously?  Just like that?’

Caris: “You know what, you’re lucky you’re pretty.”

Aten: “Um, thanks?”


Aw, isn’t it nice to see everyone getting along now? *happy cockles* I mean, okay, yeah, Caris is sort of trying to secretly kill everyone or something but it’s so fun to see them all (pretend) co-operating!

Like one big depraved family!

Yes, I know, lots of naked people in this one.  Sorry not sorry…here’s another.

Caris: “Hey king; HAPPY SIMMING.”

27 thoughts on “35. I Just Can’t Wait to be King


    *so immature*

    Awwwwwwwww, that was so sweet, Aten overcoming his jealousy with Totec’s *repeated* reassurances. Aten and Good Buddy are the true MVPs in this story along with Truck.

    I’m much more worried for Aten than Totec, if Caris is at all competent with her plans…and she’s definitely a zealot, so I doubt she’ll succumb to Aten’s airheaded charms. Maybe she’d feel bad about killing him to escape? But I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t.

    I don’t think letting an angry Amazon out of her prison cell is the best idea for two dudes, even if one of them is a vampire. I’d sooner just let her go and see the last of her, but I guess the vampirism makes things more complicated.

    That scene between Good Buddy and his love was truly beautiful, art to end all art. It brings a tear to my eye. Pretty sure it’s up there with the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa.

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *squeals uncontrollably*

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I hid so many balls in there for you bb! Like a dirty Easter egg hunt! :mrgreen:

      I’m glad you appreciate their weird little dynamic as much as I do! I have such a soft spot for that pair of crazy ❤
      Yeahs 😦 as much as the idea of Caris becoming fond of Aten (because sex) is sweet, it's just not in her nature; she is a bulwark of zealous indignation. And now she's On a Mission for Goddess. So, yeah, good times ahead!

      Thank Goddess someone appreciates my (balls) art! /diva

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aten is so dumb I just want to stroke his hair and say ‘dear, dear’. Poor guy. He’s so easily fooled and manipulated by others. At least he happily does these things because he doesn’t recognise people’s bad motives so I guess it’s good for him that he is so dumb? LOL. I’m very interested in seeing Caris and Aten make an heir. That ought to be hilarious because he’s so used to doing ‘manly things’. What if he likes making a son with Caris more than he likes manly stuff with Good Buddy? LMAO!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL, right?! Poor boy. You’re right that it’s good for him though, given he has a temper; if he thinks all is well, he’s less likely to get set off and go on an Idiot Rampage (as amusing as that might be).
      The making of the son is definitely going to be an impactful event in all their lives.
      I’m not sure any of them is entirely prepared for what is to come 😈

      Liked by 2 people

      1. /hold’s hand
        Aw, it’ll be, um, well, maybe “okay” isn’t the right word ❤


  3. It made me snort when we saw Caris’s inner monologue: “What the fuck was a king?” Haaaaaaa! Of course she wouldn’t know, being a born and bred Amazon, but I never considered it before and her words more or less echoed the Amazon lifestyle as a whole. 😀

    Bless Aten’s dumb heart. At least the poor kid has the very best intentions! All he wants is to live happily ever after with Good Buddy, even if he doesn’t quite understand the dude’s ulterior motives. Hey, like Caris said, he’s lucky he’s pretty!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ah I’m glad you caught that! Yeah, I imagine there *are* more worldly Amazons (like Persephone) who have been out in the world and know things, but I figure a lot of the community is very insular, and plenty of the ladies probably don’t know that much about the “heathens” of the outside world.
      LOL, yes, Caris is right; he *is* pretty lucky for having his Good Buddy, I wonder how long his luck will hold out? 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lover WitcHazard: Aten and Totec aw never a dull moment with those two!(fans self) if Caris kills Aten during relations she’s as good as dead!

    Dark WitcHazard: Although if she does get away with it mad respect!

    Emotional WitcHazard: Hehehe butts hehehehe!😋

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Roffles, but what if she does it because she’s fallen in love with Totec and wants them to be together forever?? NOONEUNDERSTANDSTHEIRLOVE

      Hehe, balls too 😉


  5. *raccoon counselor claps her hands* Wow, serious talk, guys (and girl). Good everyone’s getting along more or less (oookay, probably more less than more unless one is named Aten). You’re all so reasonable, we’re not used to this *raccoon counselor is confused*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah! I’m pretty sure everyone who knows that guy asks themselves that same question after every interaction 😉


  6. “It was well known that men who sullied themselves with the bodies of other men were cursed for eternity, never able to sire daughters; they should be put to death.” Nope, keep her locked up for that.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my… Poor Aten is so stupid and easily manipulated by both of them. Doesn’t stand a chance 😂

    This can only spell disaster, I fear…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You have to love Aten…you just can’t help how naive and dumb he is. And even Good Buddy knows it but doesn’t take too much advantage cause he wuvs him too.❤️ He’s right, Totec gonna say no, but he might do it anyway…poor Aten

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aten is such a love ❤
      Good Buddy is lucky to have him!
      HE IS A PURE SOUL… sort of.

      I'm not sure he knows how much sway he even has.

      Liked by 1 person

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