76. Small Sacrifices

For CENSORED Version: Click Here (censored for butts, watery bits & ween cleavage)

Last chapter…

Persephone and Khafre stood at the edge of a cliff and had a scenic exposition chat that (sadly) did not involve the (apparently) much coveted fairy sibling boom boom action, but we found out that Something Big & Mysterious may be at large in the world messing with all the destiny and stuff.

Persephone did not like.

Later ‘Celina’ went from grey to hey!  With the addition of the Spud-loving Oliver into her (dream) life; either that’s one awesome kid, or Something Fishy is going on there (it’s totally both).



“She cannot be allowed to live, do you understand?”

“Your Radiance, the king has been using his tincture faithfully for many years now, without a single incident,” Sabit kept her tone calm and conversational, “it is almost certain the child was fathered by another man–”

“I don’t give a donkey’s arsehole who the child’s father is!”  Snapped the queen, “do you think anyone will say the brat isn’t Kon’s?  No!  They will call it a miracle and do cartwheels in the streets!”

“Where is the harm in it?  If the child is not his Majesty’s get, there is no chance for it to be born Marked, and therefore, there is no threat to you–”

“Any child not born of my body is a threat to me!  How can you be such a fool, Sabit?”  Marketa hissed, “they cannot be, even for one moment, allowed to think he can impregnate another woman; have your wits deserted you?”

“Of course not, my queen, I only–”

“The very fact that this has remained hidden from us for so long is indication enough that someone suspects something is amiss!”  She raged, “how far along is the little whore?  Where is she being kept?”

“She is nearly term, Your Radiance,” admitted the mystic, “and being kept in a garden cell; his Majesty’s sorcerer is her keeper, with only one maid to tend to her meals and upkeep–”

“Loyal to that charlatan, I have no doubt!  It was clever of him to hide her, I do wonder who else knows, however, surely at least one guardsman…who took her into custody?”

“My source has it that one of the guardsmen apprehended her some months ago, and that he and one other have been watching over her,” Sabit could tell there would be no convincing the queen to spare the young woman and her ill-begotten babe.

“You will see to this nuisance at once, Sabit, is that clear?”

“Yes, my queen–”

“And know that I am most displeased that you allowed this to slip your notice; my interests are supposed to be your primary concern!”

“I will see to it this never happens again, Radiance; I will be ruthlessly vigilant, going forward–”

“See that you are!”


Some weeks after her garden-chat with Hatshepsut, Kebechet found herself traipsing through the trees towards the settlement expansion; she had ruminated on the younger woman’s advice, and finally settled to seek Anubis out, if for no other reason than to prove her sister wrong.

Kebechet knew herself to be cleverer than any man, and with the right sort of subtle probing, she was certain to uncover his level of tractability.

It was inconvenient that Pili had settled the troublemaker so far away, for now he was rarely seen at Queen’s Rise.  This had been a welcome change at first, but Kebechet could not help but wonder if it had been on purpose, to separate them; that Raet would conspire against her in such a fashion was insulting.

The area was quiet when she arrived, was he out in the jungle?  Perhaps he was sleeping in the shade somewhere; she would not put it past the fiend to be shirking his duties.


“Highness,” she was too stunned to appreciate his short lived surprise, “did you miss me?”

Always prepared with a mouthful of sass!  You would think he would feel at a disadvantage, completely vulnerable as he was, but was it not so typical of Anubis to think more of himself than he ought to?

“I did not!”  She snapped, “where is your clothing?”

“The more pressing question is, why are you all the way out here on your own?  Does Pili know his precious little princess has wandered off?”

“I am not a child, I go where I please!”

“And what if it had pleased you to wander into the jaws of a jungle cat?”  He smirked, “well, I suppose no harm done; we do have a second princess, and one in possession of greater sense–”

“Mind your tongue!”  Kebechet felt her fury rising, as it was wont to do in the fiend’s presence, “I am your future queen; you will speak to me with respect!”

Anubis sighed dramatically, “I suppose I should take you by the ear and haul you back home, or Pili will have my hide.”

“Don’t you dare touch me!”  She heard herself snarl, “and to think I came here to make you an offer of peace!  You do not deserve me–”

“I do not deserve you?”  The second moment of catching him off guard that she was too incensed to enjoy properly, “what–”

“Never mind!”  An edge of humiliation began to seep in under her anger, “it was stupid idea anyhow!  Hattie is dumb and her ideas are also–dumb!”

“Well, then, I suppose if you will not tell me, Hattie will; shall I ask her in in front of Horus?  I am certain he would enjoy whatever it is she put you up to–”

“No!  I forbid it!”  A little fissure of panic arced up her spine, “just never mind!  I will find my own way back; stay where you are, I command it!”

Kebechet turned and fled from the nasty, naked, young man; this had been a mistake!  She should have known better than to listen to Hatshepsut!  The girl probably did this on purpose, to humiliate her–

“Sorry, Highness, but I cannot allow you to go storming off into the jungle on your own–”

“You will release me at once!”  She tugged fruitlessly against his grip; why had the Goddess allowed men to be stronger?  It was not fair!

“You are such a brat; are you crying?”  His voice dripped with disdain, “I am not going to hurt you, you fool.”

Is that what he thought?  “I am not afraid of you!”  She snarled, through the sniffles, “I am not afraid of any man–”

“Yet further evidence of your foolishness, Highness; there are men in the world who will hurt you, in this very jungle, in fact,” he scolded her, “the slavers wander where they please, hoping to chance upon simple minded little princesses who wander too far from their mother’s skirts–”

“Why are you so mean?!”  She demanded, feeling a fresh wave of tears slip down her cheeks.

“I am not mean, Kebechet,” the smirk disappeared from his face, “I am sensible, and you are fortunate that I am here to be sensible on your behalf.”

“I hate you,” she hissed at him; he’d better hope Raet sent him to the temple before stepping down as queen, for Kebechet would order him to be flogged daily–

“What did Hattie put you up to?”  He asked, “if you stop being silly and tell me, I’ll let you walk back to the rise with some dignity; otherwise I’ll throw you over my shoulder like a sack, and drop you on your arse at Pili’s feet.”

“You would not dare–!”

The world upended itself as Kebechet was scooped up and hefted over one of the beast’s shoulders; apparently he would dare.

“Fine!”  She wailed; it was not in her nature to capitulate, but the idea of being marched home like a trussed up pig, and forced to admit her errand in front of the rest of the family…maybe if he knew, he would not make her tell?  Surely it would embarrass him also!


“It is so very dumb, but, Hattie said if I offered myself to you, that you would be nicer to me,” there, the thing was said; she felt her cheeks begin to burn, and could not bring herself to meet his gaze.

However, after a few heartbeats of stillness, Kebechet sneaked a glance at his face; his expression was incredibly disconcerting, and she felt herself compelled to fill the silence.

“She said I should appeal to your baser urges, or…some nonsense!”

“You…came here to fuck me?”


“Hello, girl.”

Even through the sticky heat of the midday sun, Deshret felt a chill crawl over her skin.


Poor Anubis, just minding your own business, bathing in a stream like a beautiful, bronzed statue, and BAM: propositioned by your arch nemesis.  Woa.

Also woa for poor Deshret; super hard to climb stone walls to escape potential murderers while massively preggo!

I’m sure it will all be fine though and everyone will go out for craft beers and lulz later on! XD



33 thoughts on “76. Small Sacrifices

  1. Nubs and Kebbie might be my new favorite bromance. 😀 I love how she expected him to respect her “authority” and he totally told her what’s what and tossed her over his shoulder. I had a good laugh! 😀 But I secretly hope that things work out–Kebbie is a bit of a spoiled little shit, but damn it, I have a soft spot for your spoiled little shits!

    I have always liked Sabit, and bow I’m really intrigued to see how she helps out our Desh–and what her repercussions will be for doing so. Will she stay in the service of the queen? Is there a plan already in motion and she’s got an iron-clad alibi? Or–hopefully–does she go with Desh and leave the hateful, selfish queen she serves? So many questions!! You said you foreshadowed Marketa’s death. Maybe Sabit has already drowned her in her own bathwater and that’s how Desh can get away with escape…?

    And now, since you showed us that Lena’s chapter is next, we won’t know for a l’il bit!! 😥 Ah, well, good things come to those who wait!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kebab knows what she’s due! Wouldn’t it be nice for her if everyone else knew also? Oh well, I’m sure they’ll all figure it out eventually! 😈

      I mean, IF she helps out our Desh; Sabit has her own shit going on, make no mistake; maybe Desh will luck out and she’ll fit into those plans as an alive person instead of a dead person O.O
      I foreshadowed her demise, not necessarily death… but maybe! In any case, she’ll be kicking around for as long as her adorable hubby 😈

      Good ol’ Bastet-Selene… she looks like she having a bit of fun, too O.O

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Man, I can’t wait for Marketa to get what she deserves, which at this point is either a spear through the eye (and not a fun one) or a really painful, long-lasting poison. Leave the poor pregnant lady alone ffs. I hope Sabit drops her ass, because she deserves better. Maybe Sabit will spare Deshret though…

      On to more pleasant (and sexier) things: NUBBINS AND KEBAB. Aaaaa. The hostile sexual tension is amazing. (Less amazing: having to wait for another chapter to find out if he takes her up on her offer. Jk–how could he not?) NUBBAB? …I don’t even know.

      Anyway, they’re both hot, they both hate each other, they should totally bang. NEXT CHAPTER, since they didn’t in this one. Both of their reactions were so cute, aaaa.

      “You…came here to fuck me?”


      Liked by 5 people

      1. I put some pretty mad foreshadowing in about Marky’s demise in this chapter (ok, and now that I’ve admitted it, it’ll be super obvious OH WELL); anyway, I’m sure all yous guise will enjoy the moment regardless! ❤

        You know me; I live for that hostile sexual tension 😁 (Nubbab, LOL), but this: "they’re both hot, they both hate each other, they should totally bang."
        I feel like that should be LotL's official tag line 😂

        Aaaand, hopefully Sabbie will make a good choice re pregnant lady death? Eep! She's not a total shitbag, so it could go either way, really 😬

        Liked by 3 people

  2. LOL Nubs figuring out what in the world those girls are thinking when left alone. Mindblow. Bahaha his face xD “Oh no it’s too late. She’s become insane on the way here. Pili will kill me”
    That IS a question I’ve wondered about like, a million times. Why ARE men stronger? Why does the goddess allow that? I depend on you for the answer okay!
    Also, Deshreeeeet! Poor red-haired worm! Wuuuh! Not cool, Marketa! I hope Sabit will cast the orders of that selfish scheming witch aside for once, as much fun as her intrigues are :#

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL; Nubs was a face champ for me this chapter, he really gave us his best expressions ❤
      But yeah, *the things those girls come up with* poor boy! And lucky you; Pili is going to answer that very question about male/female 'gifts' in a later chapter (Pili knows everything ok; he's like, the wisest or something idek).

      Sabit is a fairly good egg, but she's also keenly into self-preservation, so it could go either way! 😬

      Liked by 2 people

  3. First things first…WHEN will Marketa DIE? I want her death so bad I can taste blood. It’d be fun to have her executed in front of Kon while he laughed at her torment. A slow, painful death. Sabit, don’t do it!!

    Lols…Nubs face when Kebbie propositioned him. 🤣😂😀 Hattie is one smart cookie! (And thanks for the Nubbie Buttie).

    Liked by 6 people

      She might, we know Sabbie is much less of crapweasel than her queen 😀
      There are so many fun things that could happen to our little peach Marketa! I foreshadowed my plans for her a little (can’t help myself or something), but maybe minds will be changed and Kon will get his giggle, WHO KNOWS (sometimes not even me) O.o

      Nubs needed a few moments for his brains to catch up “is she saying what I think she’s saying…?”
      She was. Woa.
      (And YW for the NUBBIE BUTTIE) 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my…..Nubs and his happy trail…you two hate each other so the banging would be wild…they should totally go for it!

    And I have a feeling Markeeta’s fixing to get found out. Will Sabit help the poor preggers girl since she knows it’s not a King Kid?

    Things are fixin’ to get weird….oh wait….they already are!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ROFL.
      Yeah, I think we passed the weird threshold here ages ago XD

      Nubs happy trail makes everyone happy! Maybe even Kebab? I guess we’ll see O.O
      The banging could be… interesting, that’s for sure! 😈
      We’ll definitely see some interesting things come out of the Sabit Situation 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Marketa is so sneaky and evil, but… she’s so fun and she’s my (very very very misbehaved) child, so I dread her downfall, deserved or not 😭😭😭

    In other news… WHY DID YOU PUT THAT PLANT THERE OMG. Dying at that pure ball of sex (aka Nubbins 😍) I wonder whether they’ll actually go through with it 🤔 Um, I want them to because it would be hot af. So yes please.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SHE IS. The sneakiest and evilest 😬
      Well, most antagonistic. For now. Maybe. I mean, if you don’t count Bastet-Selene? O.O

      Those plants be getting in the way; it’s probably Nubbins job to trim them too (Kebab was right; he be shirking his duties, yo) TSK.

      I mean, he might be a smart, sensible cookie, but he’s also a really young guy with nothing to help him out but his own hand, soooo…. 😀

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  6. I guess we all here agreed that the slaughterer of the innocent deserves to be slaughtered herself. Will she be drowned? Forced to drink her own poison? The father of the baby kills her? I vote for feeding her to lamia. At least someone would get a full stomach out of it.
    So far I don’t see much of a benefit for Sabit to ally herself with Deshret, especially if she’s not pregnant with Kon’s son. If it was Kon’s son, then protecting him would definitely be in her interest. But who would care about another man’s baby? If Sabit wants to betray Marketa, she should go to Kumya and spill the beans.
    I wonder if Hattie knew Anubis was sent far into the jungle when she suggested that Kebab went to seduce him. Maybe she hoped Kebab would meet one of the slavers on her way. That would be very prudent and cunning of her. But I’m assuming such a thing cannot happen before the coveted Nebab banging takes place. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It seems to be the popular consensus, doesn’t it? That’s what you get for plotting the death of innocent pregnant slave girls, Miss Marketa! That doesn’t do nice things for your popularity 😬
      Death by lamia! Now there’s a fun idea; Nerissa is woefully underutilized at this point (she’ll get her moments tho, no worries) 😉

      You’re right, there is no clear benefit for Sabit to risk her neck for this nothing girl and her fatherless loinfruit; perhaps one will be revealed, because she’s going to need a good reason other than it being a ‘nice’ thing to do if she’s going to stick her neck out for Deshret!

      Yes, I think maybe the ‘Goddess’ is watching over that silly Kebab and keeping her safe until Certain Things happen; but then it’s all bets off!
      Hattie isn’t quite at the place where she’s actively plotting her sister’s downfall, but she wouldn’t be disappointed, necessarily, if it happened; she still gives Kebab too much credit, thinking that she wouldn’t be dumb enough to go charging off into the jungle all alone!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 10/10 there will always be spat to be had when Nubbins and Kebab are around! 😀

      I mean, it could go very well, or very NOT WELL for poor Desh; I guess either way we’ll find out more about what makes Sabit tick…

      Liked by 2 people

  7. omg that bantering Nubbab xD
    I like it very much. Now here’s a plot twist, they’re not gonna continue bc Nerissa popping out of the jungle? Nubsies point proven, then 😡
    Would be nice if they lead her to unsuspecting bathing Marketa though c:

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I mean, maybe Nerissa would even be down for a threesome?! 😮
      We haven’t had one of those in AGES!
      She is a little busy rn (it’s all Waldo’s fault), but we’ll see if she can pencil in an appearance soonish 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a secret checklist somewhere with many naughty things written on it, you see; when I get enough check marks in one column I award myself a gold star!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nonononono! Nubab is running while Markie is the slowest and keeps the Laima busy feeding ofc! 😀
        I’m not even sure if she could stuff in three of them… okay, Kebab doesn’t have much meat on her… but still!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nubbins might have to carry Kebab; Pili would be Very Displeased if he let her get eaten by a Lamia (I could see him kicking Markie’s legs out from under her though so that they could get away) 😮

        Liked by 1 person

  8. In lieu of proposing the “Marketa die” challenge (yet) I propose swimming naked in front of Sabit…challenge. I’m drunk enough rn to die of drowning but it’ll be worth it with Best Consort and Magician (unless she harms Desh of course)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m in favour of any challenge that involves swimming naked (sober for safety tho); maybe we’ll get you a floaty device to keep you from drowning! ❤

      Jury is still out on the Desh issue; lot's of fun ideas and suppositions though O.O

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Loved the two nemeses fighting! 😀 Always awesome. And wow, he actually got her to admit to why she’d gone there! Now I’m dying to know if anything will come of it.
    Poor Deshret.

    Liked by 1 person

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