99.2 Checks & Balances

In which Kon misses Kumya…

“This waiting is absurd, woman!  I want to see her!”

“Once again, My King, I must remind you that the young lady has only just been plucked from the brink of death,” the enchantress’s tone made him feel like a naughty youngster caught trying to steal cookies.  “I am certain that she would prefer to meet you when she has fully recovered, and is at her best–”

“But it’s taking forever!”

“It has been but a few days, Your Magnificence.”

“You don’t understand, no one understands!”  He huffed, trying not to feel silly, “this is destiny!  Fate!  It was ordained by the Conqueror Himself!  I had a vision and everything, she’s going to be the mother of my heir–“

“Not anytime soon, My King,” the woman reminded him, “the young lady is already with child, and will be for some time yet; I’m afraid your heir must wait his turn.”

“I miss Kumya, he never tried to tell me what to do.”  Mostly the sorcerer had just sighed a lot, looking nervous or tired whenever Kon suggested something.

“Well, then he was not a very good advisor, was he?”

Kon tried not to sulk.  No matter what he said, Sabit always made him feel like he was wrong.

There was something about her that reminded him of his childhood duenna

“The council is very cross with me, you know,” he grumbled, hoping she’d feel a little bit bad for the trouble she was causing him, “because I replaced a Prince with my wife’s servant.”

“Let them be cross, Magnificence, yours is the word of a God, what are the complaints of mortal men next to that?  The insignificant noises of ants.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true,” he pouted, “but they’re really, really mad–”

“They should respect the will of the the Conqueror Descendant.”  She leveled another stern look at him.  “I will not say that you are too lenient with them, as it is not my place to criticize the Scion of a God, but I am at your disposal should you decide they are in need of…correction.”

Kon felt an involuntary shiver creep up his spine.  “Ah, perhaps later?  I just think that if I could at least look at this Kebechet, and see that she is well, I would feel so much better!  Can I not have even a tiny peek?”

“I suppose a ‘tiny peek’ could be arranged, if My King can control his urge to pounce upon the poor, unsuspecting young woman.”

“I promise!  I shall be on my very best not-pouncing behaviour!”


I totes believe him, don’t you??
The shit a god-king has to put up with for his vision-concubine, man!
Hopefully none of this will bite him in the ass later.
I’m sure it’s fine.
Sabit seems to think it’ll be okay.
Or she don’t give af…
I’m sure sure gives af.

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10 thoughts on “99.2 Checks & Balances

  1. Poor man-child Kon. He put on his best attire for his meeting with destiny and they have the gall to stop him at the door / bead curtain / archway.
    Sabit is playing a high stakes game as always. I’m pretty sure Kebab and her will lock horns. Unless one of them wins the other for their scheme.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ahhhh Kon is like a little boy. And so impatient!
    I giggled when Sabit told him what to do, and in the next sentence that he shouldn’t be questioned bc he is a god, and he didn’t even make the connection 😁
    Good for poor Kebab, at least!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It will certainly be interesting to see if he can manage to be on his best behaviour, kekekeke.
      Regardless, I’ve no doubt that whatever the outcome, Sabit meant for it to happen 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Look at this smug grin, totally a child who has gotten his will, as if he will NOT pounce on poor Kebs once he’s set eye on her 😂 Good that Sabit will be able to hold him back, like, she’s the only one I would trust in that 😂 Oh, my poor, sweet child-king with those irreplacable facial expressions! Not even able to tell Sabit that even ants can bite when they come in huge numbers 😄
    Pretty sure, though that Kumya would have tried to explain, too that Kebs bearing Kon’s heir would have to be postponed a little longer… Or maybe he would have tried and then shut up because Kon wouldn’t have understood… I mean, does he even know how long it is that a woman is pregnant? He probably didn’t notice Marketa was gone for so long since he would of course enjoy that time without her so very much 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! He’s a very nice boy and doesn’t *mean* to cause trouble, but you see, he just can’t help himself 😇
      Good thing Sabit is nearby to chaperone!

      Let us hope he doesn’t get swarmed by any biting ants, and finds a little good sense somewhere!
      He 💯 has no earthly idea how long a woman is pregnant (or how that whole business sorts itself out), he only knows his end of the job 😏

      Liked by 1 person

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